After I graduated with my Bachelor's in Computer Science and Philosophy at RPI, I found I had a good 3 or 4 months to kill and decided to go out and travel to some exotic and strange country across the sea and serve my fellow man! I soon found myself in a Rwandan Refugee Camp in Zaire. Working for Food for the Hungry, which is an International Christian organization that was contracted by the United Nations to care for all the orphans in the camps. My job was 3/4 logistics and 1/4 computer programming. I was there from January to April of 1995, and although I spent most of the time without running water or electricity, I liked it anyway because....

Here I am chilling with the kids

Mugunga Camp - Goma, Zaire

Check out my buzz cut and the old volcano vent!

Lac Ver - Goma, Zaire

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